A New Start


I’ve gotten a lot of flak about not posting enough on my blog, so this time I’m going to start with this disclaimer: I am committing to make at least 0 posts per month from this point forward. That’s right – 0. If I post, great. If not, the sword get over it. When I do write, it may be about what I’m reading in the bible, my latest game of Ultimate, something I have going on at work, or recounting a story of my silly kiddos.

If you somehow stumbled across this and don’t know me, I’m currently 32, live in Dallas, TX, and share 2 kids (Alma – 4, Jesse – 2) with the most beautiful woman in the world. I am a Sr. Solutions Engineer at Intricity, LLC, which basically means I find a solution for any problem they have (though primarily related to web sites / web applications). I’ve been going to Watermark Community Church for about 7 years now. I go to the 4pm Saturday service each week and would love to have you join me. I’m a huge fan of the Texas Rangers and the Texas Longhorns (Hook’em!). I’ve also been known to run an occasional marathon (2004 and 2015).

That’s all for now, and maybe for good. But probably not.

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